4 Dumb Colorist Comments I Have Gotten From Black Men

1. “But you’re light skin….why do you wear your hair like that?”

My brain’s reaction: Are you saying that I should be taking advantage of my light skin privilege by straightening my hair and making myself seem even less Black and racially ambiguous? What exactly does your comment mean?

2. “Light skin women are more attractive 99% of the time….”

My Brain’s Reaction: No you cannot measure beauty, no this is not true, and yes you sound like an idiot.

3. “You must have something else in you other than Black.”

My Brain’s Reaction: No, no, no, no.


4. “We have the same name, and we are both light skin…. aye!!” (in front of other Black people) (proceeds to try and fist pump me).

My Brain: Why are you trying to drag me into this, no I am not participating in this, and no I do not think this is fist pump worthy.

Note: When  I said the part about my brain reacting, I also said these things out loud.  I did not let people just get away with spewing nonsense.  It is my belief that if you cannot compliment someone without bringing someone else down, then you are the worst type of person.

There is nothing exceptional about being light skin, and there is nothing in it that makes you better or more attractive than anyone else. I am sick and tired of entertaining that notion. If you cannot grasp that fact, then we could never be friends let alone date.







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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with your final paragraph and this piece as a whole, I can’t stand this facet of our culture that allows for this colorism (which I have to say I believe is just another part of racism) to be accepted and even pushed on people. I applaud you for speaking out against the people who made these comments to you in the moment and in this article. It’s far too easy for people to remain quiet when discrimination is benefiting them, and I’m glad you took the opposite route.

    1. I definitely agree that colorism stems from racism. Thanks Alex for reading, I am glad that my writing is reaching someone (you haha), and you’re right, it’s really easy to be quiet when discrimination is benefiting you. I actually really liked how you put that.

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