The Goal of Yoga is NOT Flexibility


Yoga has become a huge part of my life. Ever since I started doing Yoga With Adrienne on YouTube, I have taken on a different outlook on my relationship with my body, my health, and physical exercise.

Before beginning yoga a couple of years ago, I had been on a healthy journey for a while in that I was eating way more healthy than I ever had, and my exercise of choice was jogging or occasional interval strength training.

When I started doing yoga, I began realizing that exercise does not have to be completely painful and tear inducing, it can be gentle, it can be restorative, it can you leave you in a sweat, and it can all happen with no shoes on in your room.

I particularly liked doing yoga with Adrienne because she gives positive affirmations throughout her videos.

Yoga is about loving and accepting your body, it’s about “finding what feels good,” exploring your body, and integrating the mind with the body.

Most importantly, it is NOT about being flexible. Flexibility will naturally come if you do yoga regularly because of all the movement of the body, but the GOAL of yoga is to not get into super bendy poses or pull yourself into a pretzel, rather you want to have an experience and grow with your body.

You do not have to be flexible to do yoga or reap the benefits of yoga.

Yoga can be an exercise, most of the intense vinyasa yoga involves using your own body weight against you, or applying pressure to places we normally do not. It can be intense, trust me.

I think my favorite quote from Adrienne about yoga is this, and I paraphrase:

“We jerk ourselves around so often in everyday life; we are always rushing and rushing each other. So let’s not jerk ourselves around on the yoga mat.”

By this she meant that yoga is not about trying to get into a position, it is about treating your body well.

I 100% recommend her channel.


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