When People Care More About Dogs Than Humans

* *A lady pulls up to my register with a cart full of stuff and her dog**

Cue the gushing crowd, cue the dog treats, and cue the story of how the dog was a “rescue” saved from the corners of evil and the hands of death.

Maybe I’m just jealous of the dog, who knows.


I have noticed that there is a demographic of people in this world that care more about dogs than people, and I find that disturbing.

To me, the problem does not lie in the fact that people love dogs, but in the fact that some people treat dogs better than they treat other humans.There are people I have seen that can see humanity in dogs, who can “rescue strays” but would never adopt a child. Obviously, everyone is not capable of adopting a child just like everyone is not capable of having a dog, but there is something about the way upper and middle class people in America empathize and identify with dogs that makes me feel uneasy.

Maybe it’s because people like having a sidekick, or maybe it’s because people like having something subservient around.

Maybe your dog does not want to come with you in the rain, to the store, in a cage. Perhaps your dog does not want to be paraded around. Maybe, just maybe, your dog is actually, like, an animal who wants to be undomesticated.

Yes I like dogs, for those who may want to attack me for being a  dog hater, but do I gush over every one that I see, do I drag my dog with me to stores, do I treat a dog like a person? Absolutely not.

The day when this dog culture ends and dog humanity is extended to actual people is the day  I will be sated.



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  1. This time I have a moment to comment right after I’ve read the post!

    I can agree that we should make sure we’re treating our fellow humans at least as well as we treat each others’ pets. I feel like maybe I don’t line up with you quite so well on some of the nuances there, but in general I agree with that point.

    This actually reminded me of something else, though, a bit Chelsea Peretti did on vegans and how, in some ways, they prioritize the comfort of animals over the people in the nations that grow the foods they replace animal products with, like quinoa, for example, which some studies show may have negatively impacted the health and environment of Bolivia and Peru when it’s popularity boomed. I personally think it’s hard to call your diet “cruelty free” if it’s negatively changing the lives of your fellow humans, but I suppose they usually just mean animal cruelty.

    It’s interesting to think why and how things worked out that way- it would’ve made more sense in my head if we’d done it the reverse way, dealt with removing and restructuring our economic system to stop impoverished nations and less fortunate people from being taken advantage of and then raised questions about the ethics of using animals for our food. Not to say that being a vegetarian or a vegan is bad, I just happen to value the safety of humans over that of other animals.

    Hopefully this didn’t get too rambly or accidentally offensive. Thanks again for some interesting discussion material!

    1. Alex!! Yes, I do think about that as well, how there is a vegan culture that prioritizes animal comfort over human farmer/grower comfort. I never actually heard about what happened in Bolivia/Peru with the quinoa, that’s really interesting.

      What you said about restructuring the economic system of the world first then focusing on the ethics of using animals for food is also interesting.

      Did you hear about that case where there was a native american boy who was, I think, whale hunting? A lot of vegan activists had some strong words for him on facebook about how he should be ashamed of it and everything. I think that was a good example of how some vegans are only humane to a certain extent and totally ignore the fact that hunting/meat are part of some people’s traditions and lifestyles and that some people just can’t afford or have access to vegan foods.

      You always leave insightful postsssss 🙂 I heart you 🙂

      1. I do think I heard about the thing with the whale! That really bothered me, because like you said they can’t afford not to hunt- a single catch feeds his family for a long time, and they don’t have the means or the money for a constant supply of things that would adequately replace that in their diet. And people were shaming him for trying to keep himself and his family alive.

        Thanks, I really enjoy reading these so I’m glad you enjoy the random thoughts that I come up with, even if my comments are almost as long as the posts themselves. I heart you too <3

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