Shrinkage: A Real Part of Your Natural Hair Journey   Shrinkage is healthy. Shrinkage means your hair has its elastic, gravity defying properties intact, it means that your hair is healthy. It’s healthy. AGAIN FOR THOSE IN THE BACK PLEASE. Trying to resist it is a losing battle. When I first went natural, I went... Continue Reading →

Overcoming an Eating Disorder

I get so ridiculously happy when someone comments that I have lost weight. My smile starts from my soul and spreads to my face and like that my day has been made. Feeling giddy that someone noticed I look smaller is, I think, becoming more and more harmful.  Having an unhealthy relationship with food, having... Continue Reading →

How Working in Retail and Fast Food Can Drain Your Soul

Fast food and retail jobs can be an unforgiving vortex.   Did you find everything okay? Press the red for credit. Don't forget to do that survey. Thank you SO much. Smile, smile, and then smile some more. Oh you were not smiling for .5 seconds, that must mean you hate your job and me... Continue Reading →

The Goal of Yoga is NOT Flexibility

  Yoga has become a huge part of my life. Ever since I started doing Yoga With Adrienne on YouTube, I have taken on a different outlook on my relationship with my body, my health, and physical exercise. Before beginning yoga a couple of years ago, I had been on a healthy journey for a while... Continue Reading →

5 Healthy and Filling Dishes I Love

1. A Healthy Pumpkin Salad Ingredients: Quinoa, roasted nuts, pumpkin dressing, lime, lettuce, other things I could not identify Where I ate it:  The Village Cafe - 11 Sanlitun Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100027, China Comments: This  healthy salad was vegan, and this cafe has many vegan options if you are searching for them whilst in... Continue Reading →

Aloe On My Face *_*

The title of this actually used to be my username for a certain app that must not be named, and I would always get direct messages from over excited males on this app  asking what exactly "aloe on my face" meant, well I will tell you what it exactly means 😉 Aloe changed my life, and it can do that... Continue Reading →

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