Shrinkage: A Real Part of Your Natural Hair Journey   Shrinkage is healthy. Shrinkage means your hair has its elastic, gravity defying properties intact, it means that your hair is healthy. It’s healthy. AGAIN FOR THOSE IN THE BACK PLEASE. Trying to resist it is a losing battle. When I first went natural, I went... Continue Reading →

Squashing Another Human’s Happiness

There are certain things that make people joyful, and there is no reason for me to ever desire to kill that joy. Take my mom for example. There are few things she desires in her life. One of those few things is fashion.   My mom loves quality clothes, loves catwalk culture, is the daughter... Continue Reading →

Overcoming an Eating Disorder

I get so ridiculously happy when someone comments that I have lost weight. My smile starts from my soul and spreads to my face and like that my day has been made. Feeling giddy that someone noticed I look smaller is, I think, becoming more and more harmful.  Having an unhealthy relationship with food, having... Continue Reading →

“Work Hard – Millions on Welfare Are Depending on You”

This welfare quote was placed on an innocent magnet. This innocent magnet was resting atop an innocent fridge, in an innocent little doctor’s office in a poorer area of my town. Waiting in the hallway for my brother to come out of the bathroom, I read it. I then looked around me, to the other... Continue Reading →

How Working in Retail and Fast Food Can Drain Your Soul

Fast food and retail jobs can be an unforgiving vortex.   Did you find everything okay? Press the red for credit. Don't forget to do that survey. Thank you SO much. Smile, smile, and then smile some more. Oh you were not smiling for .5 seconds, that must mean you hate your job and me... Continue Reading →

When People Care More About Dogs Than Humans

* *A lady pulls up to my register with a cart full of stuff and her dog** Cue the gushing crowd, cue the dog treats, and cue the story of how the dog was a "rescue" saved from the corners of evil and the hands of death. Maybe I'm just jealous of the dog, who... Continue Reading →

Getting Catfished On Whisper

He was short with a big penis. I shall preface this tale by telling you, amazing reader, that I am an impulsive being who will think of numerous stupid things to do if left alone. So I was sitting in my dorm room one Friday night feeling especially lonely. I don't think I had classes... Continue Reading →

4 Dumb Colorist Comments I Have Gotten From Black Men

1. "But you’re light skin….why do you wear your hair like that?" My brain's reaction: Are you saying that I should be taking advantage of my light skin privilege by straightening my hair and making myself seem even less Black and racially ambiguous? What exactly does your comment mean? 2. "Light skin women are more... Continue Reading →

Having a Brother With Autism

My brother has autism. To be honest, autism does not really seem like something my brother simply has. It seems all-consuming, not just for him but for his family members like me. This piece really is not about him though, it’s about myself in relation to my brother, and how him having autism has affected... Continue Reading →

Stolen Girls Book #6

Boko Haram. At one point, this terrorist organization ruled over 2 million people. The book Stolen Girls was written by the German author Wolfgang Bauer.  Bauer gives historical and political context for the terrorist group Boko Haram in his book. Bauer also provides a platform for the girls who were victims of the terrorist group to... Continue Reading →

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